September 15, 2011

Experiential Marketing Using Drumming

This was one of the biggest drumming experiential marketing events I’ve had the pleasure of working on. It was set in Covent Garden London. provided all of the drummers and drumming equipment and even filmed a viral video to complement the experience.

The basic concept was, as part of American Express’ ‘Realise the Potential’ olympics campaign, people would realise their potential drumming in a very short space of time. Each individual experience lasted approximately 10 minutes. We very quickly trained the participants to perform a famous drum beat together.

All of our drums and t-shirts were branded, as was the structure in Covent Graden, the host was given a number of key phrases to communicate to the participants. Outside the semi-permenant structure we also had a team of brand ambassadors communicating more personally with people, letting them know how they could be a part of this exciting live drumming experience.

More info about this interactive drumming event here:

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