December 11, 2015

INC magazine on team building

We LOVE this post by INC magazine exploring the benefits and how to choose your team building activity (we added the bits about drumming team building).  Here are 6 points they use to choose your team building activity:

  1. Purposeful. (the purpose drumming together is to communicate a common goal, one piece of music, working together, while having a shared and fun experience)
  2. Inclusive (drumming and rhythm is accessible to everyone)
  3. Engaging (drumming team building engages body and mind individually and collectively)
  4. Balance competition and participation (we bring you together and you can drum-battle!)
  5. Simulate real-world dynamics (drumming team building metaphorically and physically demonstrates how ‘departments’ work together to create the whole – all add up to one)
  6. Trained facilitator (good luck facilitating drumming team building without deep knowledge of team and group dynamics and how a group of people work together)

Here is a link to the full article:

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