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Samba Drumming Everywhere

london drumming team building

As predicted, EVERYONE love samba drumming, especially this year with the Olympics in Rio, Brazil! We have been and are still LOVING all of the performances and drumming team building events that we have been delivering! Thank you and welcome to all our of clients, past and present. It is turning into a magical year!…

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INC magazine on team building

We LOVE this post by INC magazine exploring the benefits and how to choose your team building activity (we added the bits about drumming team building).¬† Here are 6 points they use to choose your team building activity: Purposeful. (the purpose drumming together is to communicate a common goal, one piece of music, working together,…

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ATCO Squash Finals Drumming Performance

Drumming Performance London

A POWERFUL 3 minute Samba Drumming Performance to get things MOVING every day at the ATCO Squash Championships at the Queens Club, London. The whole experience was a pleasure! A quick edit of the drumming performance show for you to see: This is an image just seconds before the performance kicked in… our drummers were…

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Drumming Performance for Tulisa’s Music Video

The drumming team building provided awesome beats and visual treats for Tulisa’s most recent music video ‘Live it Up’. The video is an alternative video for her track ‘Live it Up’ made by Samsung. Drumming performances and team building events are our thing. We love it and deliver above and beyond your wildest expectations.

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Tulisa’s Music Video – The Drummers!

drumming team building london

This is a photo from the most recent music Video by Tulisa. BassToneSlap provided the drummers for their visually spectacular display. If you are interested in knowing more about BassToneSlap drummers and drumming team buildingclick here.

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Drumming Team Building – You Can Expect…

Team Building Lonodn

Some images from a recent drumming team building event we hosted in London… This is the kind of experience you can expect from our drumming team building events: Click here to find out more… Click here to find out more… Click here to find out more… Click here to find out more…

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PDG’s Latest Tips – Being Remembered

We’re really into what these guys are doing at PDG. Check out this post about having your presentations remembered! It’s awesome! Here’s a clip from the post… click the link at the bottom of this post to read the whole thing: “Tests have shown that about 10% of oral presentations is remembered 72 hours later,…

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