Drumming Team Building

Drumming Team Building

Drumming Team Building is one of the most meaningful, unique and exciting team building experiences available today

Drumming Team Building for your team…

– It takes just seconds to have your entire team drumming together!

– We cater for groups of 10 to 1500 people and we will bring professional percussion instruments to your event

– Drumming Team Building Reduces Stress

– Drumming Team Building Brings People Together

– Drumming Team Building Enhances communication

– The “drummers high” is recognised by science (it’s a rush of beneficial hormones)

– Drumming is good for clearing the mind before decision making.

– Drumming is still traditionally used throughout the World in communities and tribes.

Oh, and we LOVE IT and are some of the best facilitators in the World… 

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Seeing and experiencing your team transform from what can only be described as a GREAT CACOPHONY into a coherent piece of music is quite amazing! (that’s quite rather than quiet!)

Team building drumming will stimulate your team in ways you could only imagine. We will get into those in just a minute but first I guess you have some ‘tick boxes’ to address:

– First and foremost it’s fun. Your team will enjoy it. And if they enjoy it that means they are all sharing a positive experience together. Makes sense right!?

– When you experience drumming team building you will all be working towards a common goal – one piece of music. And, just like in your organisation you will each be adding your individual value towards that common goal. One person hitting a drum can only create so much, though by working together much more can be achieved.

– Your experience with us will stimulate real-world dynamics. Metaphorically and in the real world, your team has to work together for this to work – and it always works.

– Drumming team building flattens the hierarchy and helps us all communicate and connect as the humans we are. You will literally see the hierarchy and politics fizzle away because when you are drumming the playing field becomes level.

– Drumming team building is different from most other forms of team building because you are all working together rather than competing against each other.
Drumming goes deep into the human, communicating with and from basic instincts. We all walk and talk in rhythm, our hearts are beating, drumming is a deep part of human existence.

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