October 2, 2011

Drumming Team Building Feedback

This is a little info we acquired from a recent Drumming Team Building experience

1) What did you specifically like about your drumming experience?
How it brought the whole team together as one, rather than smaller groups. We didn’t have to break into smaller teams as is the case in many team building activities. With the drumming we were just one big group. I also liked how you could be as expressive as you wished – you could take part in a solo if you wanted to but there was no pressure to all do it.

2) What would you change/enhance about your drumming team building experience with us?
I would make it slightly longer! Although our hands were a bit sore after just 2 hours, I personally wanted it to go on just a bit longer

3) If you were going to, how would you describe your experience with us to your friends and colleagues?
Fun, enjoyable and great for team building as it is very inclusive of everyone in the group. The facilitators were great and very enthusiastic which helped everyone to get involved.

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