October 12, 2011

New Leadership tips from PGD

If you’re into Team Building and Leadership you might like this awesome set of tips from Performance Development Group in the UK…

Here are a couple of our favourites from this weeks post to whet your appetite:

Vision and Communication
An inspirational leader has a very strong, customer-focused vision of where the business should be going. Importantly they are also able to communicate their vision so that their people feel they own it and know where they fit into it. The best leaders are great communicators who prefer plain speaking to jargon.

Risk Takers
They have a marked tendency to ‘bend the rules’, take calculated risks, and, on occasions, be guided by their gut-feelings. They also tolerate this in other people, recognising that a certain amount of flexibility is essential to adapt to circumstances and make real strides forward.

For their full blog post on Leadership click here

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