November 3, 2011

PDG’s Latest Tips – Being Remembered

We’re really into what these guys are doing at PDG. Check out this post about having your presentations remembered! It’s awesome!

Here’s a clip from the post… click the link at the bottom of this post to read the whole thing:

“Tests have shown that about 10% of oral presentations is remembered 72 hours later, but this figure rockets to 65% if you add pictures…

President Obama’s campaign speeches may have been effective without slides (even if you’re a political opponent of his you can’t argue with that; he did win the election), but how much of what he said did you remember 3 days later? Your memory was probably more of an emotional state in which you felt moved and motivated with a ‘Yes, we can!’ kind of spirit. But you probably didn’t remember much of the actual content.”

Click here for the whole blog post on Being Remembered

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