Drumming Team Building and Drumming Performances are what we do. (And we are awesome at it)

Drumming team building, has decades, even centuries of proof. It works and is outrageously fun!


– Drumming reduces stress

– Drumming connects teams, and clears the mind

– It takes just seconds to have your entire team drumming together!

– Enhances communication

– The “drummers high” is recognised by science

– Drumming regularly may even help heal illness

And drumming has been with us humans pretty much since the beginning! Drumming and rhythm is innate to humans.

As we stride, walking through the office doors on any morning – we do so in rhythm, typing on the keyboard, the patterns in which the words flow from our mouths – all in rhythm.

Enjoy looking though our website before contacting us

about your team building event….

We have been delivering drumming team building and drumming performance for events in the UK and Worldwide for decades (some of our drummers were even on the BBC’s Dragons Den!)


Drumming Team Building: Pull your team together, give them an experience they deserve, while adding value to the company.


Drumming Performances light up the room visually, sonically and physically –you can literally feel the beat!

Contact us to see if we are a good fit for your event because our drumming performances might just be that something different you are looking for!

How’d you like them drummers…
(This video is our guys and girls drumming for a Citroen TV advert – BOOM!)

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